Moving Meditation

Being active means a constant stream of low to middling aches and pains, especially as you get older. But the body doesn’t mean those to be a signal to stop moving – it’ll tell you in unmistakable terms if things are that serious.

Aches and pains are simply suggestions about the kind of activity it prefers at the moment (might not be a great day to go skiing, what with the left arm in a cast and all, so lets go for a run instead).

When my mind interprets those signals as an excuse to get onto the things it’d rather be doing, I find moving meditation an excellent means of getting direct input from my body. And my body is almost always saying “Get off your butt and move”.

In fact, awareness turns many of those aches and pains turn into familiar companions, almost reassuring. The pain in the knee you tore jumping off a roof when you were twelve (an admittedly silly thing to do, but it’d have been even sillier to spend a life not trying things like that on occasion) is now just a reminder that your knee still works; you’d miss the pain of movement if you’re ever bed ridden for a long time. The tiredness after a long workout brings happy memories of pushing physical limits when young and fit – and the realization that although age means being able to do less and taking longer to recover, the body finds the same joy in as was there in childhood. The mind spins a story of loss and inevitable deterioration and death; the body knows the joy of the present moment is enough.

Moving meditation lets it share that with you.


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May all beings be happy ♡