Multiple Layers of Dawning Consciousness

This is the third year I’m doing Sharon’s meditation challenge. I’ve noticed that when I do a daily meditation, I remember doing it in previous years, and contrast how I feel about the meditations as I do them again. I’m lagging behind – I just did the Day 5 meditation. In the Q&A section for Day 5, Sharon described her early experiences with meditation, and how the tremendous emotional and physical pain she felt at first turned into bliss. And then her knee started to hurt, and she was so disappointed. I really appreciate the lesson she brings out here. She goes on to say that everything in life is transient. This reinforces what I’ve learned in yoga. Each time you do the exercises, you reinforce what you’ve learned AND you also come at it from a different perspective. You can do each one of these exercises a million times and you’ll never once have the exact same experience. So that changes too. Wow. It’s so thrilling to be able to feel personal growth!