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Compared with the professional nike nfl jerseys china professional team, the wholesale nike nfl jerseys team of college students in the University of America is also very popular. As college students are particularly special, coupled with college students can choose a lot of excellent players every year. Compared to other teams, because their rules are not allowed to change the team, it is easy to encounter bottlenecks in the outside team players, and college students have new, excellent players supplement, resulting in The strength of the team is increasing, and more and more fans will be more and more, this has attracted many fans of wholesale nike nfl jerseys.

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So this time, nike nfl jerseys china thought of an approach, it was to set up the NFL Great League, which is the team that can organize the professional sports football team and college team, but there is a requirement, regardless of the bridge team in himself. How is the rules of the team training, when the game, must be played in accordance with wholesale nike nfl jerseys rules, the purpose of career is actually the influence of NFL, and slowly puts the NFL rules of the United States to popularize and unity, plus On the NFL's large capital investment, they will promote a lot of promotion on TV, and the school team will also get a lot of income because of the game, so students are willing to play according to wholesale nike nfl jerseys rules.

Occupational American football is called nike nfl jerseys china, and the American rugby team of the university team is called AFL. The competition of these two team alliance has reached a climax in 1966. They all discovered the value of players in American football, so Just raise the signing value of the game, wholesale nike nfl jerseys desperately tapping the excellent players in the Alliance, but also reduce the loss rate of excellent players, competition to two alliances can cope with high signing costs, of course, the benefit is the player, eventually Two alliance reached an agreement, the merge agreement, and they together form a new alliance of 24 teams. They are not increasing. The original AFL is only 9, they added 3 wholesale nike nfl jerseys teams, a total of 12 teams Then, the remaining 12 NFL teams retained, only the two alliance teams were averaged on the surface, in 1967, the first section of the ALF-NFL championship was held, and we also put this year. The game is called a super bowl, Super Bowl I, this game is held in Los Angeles in the United States.

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The first competition, the reason why it is called a super bowl, because this is the first time after the US nike nfl jerseys china team decided, in fact, this competition has a very important sense, it is to give this The comprehensive strength of the 24 teams has been ranked. At the same time, in 1970, the US government also finally approved the new alliance merger, named complex AFL-NFL, changed to the name of the wholesale nike nfl jerseys, and confirmed A large-scale competition for four years, like a World Cup of football, a four-year wholesale nike nfl jerseys championship also officially renamed a super bowl.