Now I Metta Myself to Sleep

I use a form of the lovingkindness meditation each night. It’s the last thing i do before falling asleep. i experience this to be a wonderful way to drift off into a restful night of sleep.

The meditation’s not perfect. Many times it’s not complete. I’m usually asleep before offering metta to all sentient beings. Sometimes I’m asleep before offering metta to someone who’s bothering me.

I didn’t get metta at first. I understand it better now. Starting with myself felt selfish at first. An interview I heard with Sharon made it easier. She made a comment about how few people actually believe they deserve to be happy. That comment stuck with me. It got metta unstuck in my mind.

I’m my own harshest critic. Offering metta to myself softens my own self talk. I grant myself permisson to offer compassion to myself. This makes it easier for me to offer compassion toward others. Not knowing what it’s like to experience it makes it hard to offer metta to others.

Now I get metta a little more. I’m able to offer it to myself without feeling selfish. This allows me to open the door and connect the metta I offer to myself to others as well.

Doing the metta meditation softens my mind at night. It helps me stop beating myself up about the things I didn’t get done. It makes it easier to let go. I find it easier to believe that things are going to work out OK.

Expanding metta to others makes me feel more open and connected. The expansiveness I experience also helps me relax.

I guess that’s usually why I”m asleep before getting through a complete cycle. I guess that’s OK too. I like to think that the cycle continues in my consciousness as I’m resting. I hope it’s continuing to expand and touch others in helpful ways as it does.

May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you live with ease.