Observation and insight about thoughts

My observation comes with a question. The observation is that during this meditation and during other meditations as well, there seem to be no thoughts. Indeed, one of the things I really enjoy about meditation is that I’m just here to “be” Not to think. And that is so pleasant. On the other hand, I know perfectly well that if I sit long enough there will certainly be thoughts. During the 10 day Silent retreat that I attended, this was very evident. My question is to wonder whether there is a whole layer of thoughts that is there Underneath the seeming silence. Further, am I in someway blocking out that layer in order to grant myself a little peace?

Now comes the insight, which is also accompanied by big questions. I am now beginning to understand what Sharon has just told us. That we are not defined by our thoughts. I have been reviewing my life by looking through my diaries and journals. I can see quite clearly that there is an impulse of me, that characterizes the way I am. The nature of my curiosity and the nature of my thought processes. On the other hand there are also patterns of thought that run through like a steady stream. These are all the self doubts, self recriminations, guilt, fear, dread. These patterns have certainly being a big part of how I have always Thought about myself. But now I am seeing that they do not define me. They are not who I am. This is really quite fascinating. I do look forward to seeing how my observation of such thought patterns will unfold from here.

May all beings be happy ♡