Old Friends

An evening meditation tonight. Pretty tired and checked out, I drifted, I think, somewhere between meditation and sleep. But I am three for three, and while that it is not the goal, it is interesting to see that commitment begin to deepen and to note the subtle changes in me.

Sure, work is still nuts. And today I spent a long at the dentist, making up for my prodigality in that arena too. I worked away and the hours went by and Novocain was replaced by pain.

And yet, after hours, I stopped working and rather than just drifting towards the TV and takeout, I did things for myself in the house. OK, there was takeout involved, but I did feel this change — I did have a little more energy to devote to myself, to the me beyond worker trying to keep up.

I don’t think it’s an accident that last night I reached an old friend by phone, one notoriously hard to reach without days of phone tag.  She answered on the first ring – Hey!.  And today, I got a long email from another old friend, my friend who has been ranking high in my endless mental to do list — email B,, email B., email B. And there she was, catching up. And I think of the return to practice and the promise to write about it, no matter how homely or pedestrian the sitting might be, in sort of the same terms.  Also high on my mental to do list this past year — meditate, meditate, meditate.  So, here it is, like another old friend, waiting to catch up.

May all beings be happy ♡