Om Shanti

Focusing on sound was tremendously difficult for me. I found it so much easier to focus on my breath, which admittedly I’ve used in meditation for years. With sounds, I found it very hard to avoid naming the sound and identifying where it was coming from. I felt like I was chasing after every noise that came along.

The word of the day: peace, or rather in Hindi “shanti”. That was the guiding word that reoriented me back to my breath. I think we all want peace. It seems peace would allow all good things to follow. I think we’re all seeking peace of mind, but also outer peace, an end to war and discord, famine, the refugee crisis. We can’t single-handedly fix everything happening outside of us, but we can generate an inner peace that leaks out to everyone around us all day. Namaste.

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May all beings be happy ♡