ON BEING BLOG To Separate Our Dreams from Others’ Fears

To Separate Our Dreams from Others’ Fears

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Weekly Column By Sharon Salzberg for On Being
Published August 24th, 2015

Inevitably, the society in which we live has a narrative about who we are. If it’s negative, it’s only when we challenge it that we can assert our worth. This frees us to accept that our potential is as boundless as our heart, and gives us permission to create a space in our life that is vibrant with possibilities. In reality, no matter what anybody says, our story is ever unfolding.


At any age, it’s not always easy to genuinely know who we are underneath the stories others tell about us and the labels society heaps upon us. When we can separate our dreams from other peoples’ fears, our vision from other peoples’ biases, our hearts from other peoples’ singular narrations, real love for ourselves blossoms.

Sharon Salzberg

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Photo of Mae Jemison via NASA

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