One Week, One Breath

And so it goes, we start to only find ourselves. We finish with having lost ourselves all over again. This morning I woke up to another day of meditation and Sharon reminded me that it is one week of practice already. Time moves differently when you place your focus on the present moment. What have I observed in seven days? One: My expectations are never met, (and that is a good thing)! Two: Focusing on just ten breaths without getting distracted is near impossible at this point. Three: I am already calmer and better able to manage my stress levels  because of this practice. You know, I don’t even know why I decided to commit to this practice. I have been in meditation classes, studied meditation in a Yoga Teacher Training three years ago and then let it go in spite of my love for the practice and the effects it has on my state of mind. Maybe it is the new decade vibrations, maybe it is the amount of new stressors in my life, maybe it is because I am attracted again to what brings me Joy. Whatever the reason, I am glad. One-third of the way through this re-introduction to meditation and One Baby Step forward in my pursuit of practicing loving-kindness and embracing more balance and calm. My biggest takeaway from this week is the beauty and simplicity of ‘Just one breath’. “If you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong” says Jon Kabat-Zinn and it is making more and more sense to me. All we have is this moment in Time. All we have is this precious LIFE. Taking the time to focus on the breath is a microcosm of taking the time to focus on the gift of Life that we are experiencing. I feel so grateful for my Life. I feel so grateful. Here’s to another wonderful week ahead, Dear Ones. Peace.

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