What I love about the Meditation Challenge is how it creates designated, intentional space for community in what is otherwise, for myself at least, a deeply personal, individual practice. It gives voice to the happiness we’re all seeking, whether we know it or not. And also to the challenges we all face, at one time or another, on that journey.

I won’t be composing a paean to the cushion after so much consistency in my sittings over these past four weeks. At least not any time soon. Rather, I’m committing to offer myself the space for what I’m calling an ‘imperfect ongoing’.

I’ll do my best to do well for myself. I’ll cut myself some slack when that’s not good enough. I’ll remember that all beings, everywhere, want simply to be happy. And I’ll offer daily gratitudes instead of grudges.

And when it all doesn’t go according to plan, I’ll begin again.

– Kurt Lindsey