opportunity – unperturbed

Sharon Salzberg_HandsThis morning’s sit was a funny one.  I read the beginning of the Mindfulness chapter in Sharon’s Real Happiness, and decided to start with my breathing, then to watch as bodily sensations arose and disappeared.  Actually, I think I was noticing my attention moving around from sensation to sensation, from ache to itch to touch to warmth to chill, etc.  It was quick but not strenuous. That was going fairly well.  I noticed how my “attention” was moving .  And then (I forgot to turn off my phone) I received a text from my colleague who is sick and not coming to work today.  Immediately my mind went into problem solving mode, but I realized at the same time that I was still breathing.  Then I checked whether this news had perturbed my posture, had grasped my breathing, had thrust me off the cushion.  I smiled a little thinking, Oh, this is my practice today! Something unexpected happened.  Notice what is happening.  It changed. Notice what is happening now.  Watch it change and keep one’s poise. Fourteen minutes left.  That’s great!  It can wait.  I’m loving this!