Today in the 21 Day Meditation Experience the centering thought is

I live my life with passion and enthusiasm.

and the mantra is

Om Varunam Namah

In the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success Thursday is the Law of Intention and desire and the mantra is

Om Ritam Namah

The Mahavakya for Thursday is


The mantra to activate the Shakti of the 3rd chakra is

Om Lakini Namaha

Today as I was wondering what am I enthusiastic about a girl from the hostel I am in showed interest in the meditation practice as she saw me sitting in the asana and mudra.

And I found myself doing dosha quizzes and sharing the Ayurveda wisdom I learned from Deepak and Libby together with Kundalini yoga practices from Yogitea.

Yes I feel enthusiastic.