Peeling It Away

Day 17 of the 28 Day Meditation Challenge — For this 3rd week of the Meditation Challenge Sharon has asked that we meditate on mindfulness when it comes to emotions. It’s a unique way to experience and remember emotions without analyzing them (which has its place, too). So this week I have been doing and teaching a meditation I learned totally unexpectedly….

Over the summer a Yoga friend invited me to her aromatherapy school to have a free aromatherapy consultation with one of her students as part of their practical exam. I and a bunch of other yogis said “Sure!”. I got there a few minutes late so everyone had already been paired up except for me and the last remaining student who needed a client. Turns out we were both wearing gingham shirts, and she said something about how it was meant to be that we were paired. She seemed like a lovely woman (kind of like a sweet housewife from the suburbs), and she told me that she had been a master chocalatier but was making a total change in career mid-life to the healing arts. What happened next was a gift and a magical experience. She had the pre-fab form to fill out with some basic info about me. When she got to the “And what brings you here today?” question I told her she might need some extra paper. I briefly told her about the major life crisis I was about a year into that still had me reeling.

This blog post would be waaaay too long if I went into detail about the next couple of hours she spent with me, but the short version is that it turns out that not only was she an aromatherapy student but also an Ayurvedic practitioner, oracle and psychic. She went on to give me Ayurvedic healing practices to do, did a psychic reading on me with my permission, introduced me to the practice of asking my “Wise Woman” for help and advice when I am out walking and thinking, and told me about a “peeling” meditation that she had learned from a shamanic healer. She said “Try it, and you’ll know when you are done because yourself as a little girl will appear to you and you’ll hug her and tell her it’s OK”. Even writing it now brings me to tears. Oh, and in addition to that she also made incredible bath salts, smelling stick to use before meditation, essential oil roller and abhyanga oil for me tailored to my very complex therapeutic needs that day.

Well, I took the month of August off for the most part in order to do some much needed R&R, and I did the peeling meditation she taught me almost every day. It was incredibly helpful and made me feel lighter and brighter each time I did it. I have come back to that meditation this week, and I taught it in class yesterday morning. Feedback from people matched my experience with this meditation. One woman “peeled away” her headache. It is very simple, as powerful things often are. And it came from an unlikely source, as powerful things often do. Here it is:

Sit in meditation and do whatever regular practices you normally do to get yourself into a quiet, open state. Then wait for a feeling, memory, sensation to arise somewhere in your body. You can name it or just notice that you are feeling something. Keeping your eyes closed, use your hands to peel away the pain, memory, feeling from that part of your body. Keep doing the peeling and create a pile in front of or to the side of you of what you are peeling away. Once you intuitively know you are done, sit in silence with the freedom from releasing those emotions. At the end of the meditation, I like to blow the pile away.

Peace, love, and liberation,
Liz Buehler Walker

Photo courtesy of Larysa Sendich

Photo courtesy of Larysa Sendich