Persistence and Optimism

Today is the first day of the Real Happiness Meditation Challenge. I am using the challenge and this blog as a way to hold myself accountable to meditating consistently for the month. I committed to building a meditation practice in 2019 and it’s been going… okay so far. I know that it takes months to build a new consistent habit so I’m dedicated to coming back to the practice, again and again. Because it is important.

My biggest challenge is fitting the practice into my daily routine. I want to practice in the morning but I’ve struggled with dragging myself out of bed before my husband and daughter wake up. If I’m up early it is to get myself to the gym. An extra 15 minutes at 5am is difficult! But again, it is important.

I know from the Power of Habit that optimism, or faith, is another key to transformational change. I believe I can make this shift. I am committed. I am persistent. And because of that, I’m optimistic.


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