Positive Emotions Emerge, Day #16

Focusing on the positive has historically been an arduous task for me, especially when looking at myself. Generally I am pretty critical and will always find something that I have to “fix” to be “good enough.”  This critical eye extends to my personal and professional relationships as well.

Today I appreciated meditating on positive experiences—Who knew how much fun I would have? My challenge was sticking with just one. And what I noticed was that I wasn’t hooked into any of these events. I was able to see them (and admittedly smile) and move on. There was the bird that fed from the palm of my hand at the lake this weekend while snowshoeing. There was walking with my partner in the bright sunshine and breathing in the fresh crisp air. There was spending long overdue quality time with friends over fondue. There was the greeting of our dogs to welcome us back home and a wonderful neighbor who cared for them while we were gone. So so so thankful and happy. What a way to start the day and lay the foundation for noticing that which brings me pleasure all day long.