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Heart of Intention Course

The Heart of Intention Meditation Course is a week-long program designed by Sharon Salzberg to explore the freedom that resides in our knowing by working with our motives before we speak or act. By exploring our intentions with clarity, we can develop a completely different understanding of why we do the things we do and a new perspective on how to recognize if we’ve done the best we can. Through this exploration, we see more clearly what our actions mean to us and how we can manifest what we genuinely love and care about. We have the power to create our lives from the inside out.

Through daily teaching videos, guided meditations, reflections and readings, Sharon brings 40+ years of teaching experience to you, with daily lessons available to access on computer, tablet or smartphone devices. Sharon offers a robust and accessible program for a week-long dive into an often overlooked arena of life: the inner heart space that drives our actions.


• Reflect on the aspirations you hold, as well as the momentary urges that shape what you do.

• Learn the feeling tone of the vast range of motivations that naturally arise in the mind without harsh judgment.

• Cultivate an awareness of where you are putting your energy.


• Navigate the nuances between a motive, action, and outcome of an action to bring your intentions to life with agility and ease.

• Explore how to find skillful expression of your intentions.

• See what motivating force is strongest prior to an action and understand how that can affect your choices of how to act.


• Learn how to contend with disappointment and hurt when we place our deepest hopes on how someone reacts to us and things don’t go how we would like them to.

• Build tools of resilience to reconnect to your motivations through inevitable periods of losing sight of that which is most important to you.

The course consists of seven daily lessons that each contain a teaching video, a practice video and a weekly guided meditation with variable lengths to chose from. All of these combined average 20-25 minutes a day in total for each lesson.

No prior meditation experience is necessary to benefit from this week-long course, it is designed for anyone interested in bringing greater skillfulness to their life. By reconnecting to your aspirations, you can develop a greater understanding of what you have come to believe is truly possible in life—and expand that vision into the many facets of your world.

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