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Real Love Course

Join Sharon for an exploration of Real Love. Far from being an idealistic, sentimental, or romantic emotion, genuine love is an ability and capacity within us—an inner resource we can grow. Drawing from timeless Buddhist wisdom and lovingkindness practice, we’ll train in cultivating unconditional love for ourselves, those close to us, and ultimately for all beings.

We are told many stories about love. Our culture tells us that romantic love will make us happy. Advertisers imply that certain products will make us feel content. We’re conditioned to believe that we will finally be loveable once we’ve achieved certain goals or when our projects of self-improvement come to fruition. What if we could let go of these stories? What would it be like to love ourselves for who we are and to extend that love to those around us? And what if we were to extend unconditional love to all beings?

In this online course, Sharon shows us how we can deconstruct the myths that keep us from authentic love.


May all beings be happy ♡