Purity of Speech

There is a magic in the air right now. And I want to use the right words to capture it.  I am coming to meditation through my yoga practice. And there is a tradition in yoga of purity of language and grammar. It is not one of the most well-known aspects of yoga, nor perhaps the most appealing. But honest, clear and respectful communication is the foundation to so many aspects of life. I am looking forwards to exploring this while keeping track of my meditation. I am also looking forwards to discovering the wisdom of Sharon Salzberg – a name I heard for the first time last week,  thanks to  Emily Alp. She’s a dedicated yogini based in Doha, who is providing inspiration to a group of us taking part in the 28-Day Meditation Challenge for the first time. She has named our group on the Insight app- Have a Good Sit. Such a light approach.  I am excited to sit.