#RealHappinessChallenge Day 2 – Sounds

Best laid plans to meditate in the morning were hijacked today, but I made sure to find the time for today’s lesson and meditation.  I’m so glad I did.  #RealHappiness Challenge Day 2 focuses on sounds.

This guided meditation resonated with me.  I noticed the sounds of the heater in the apartment, the sirens outside (I’m near a hospital, fire department and police department), people walking in the hallway.  I practiced noticing the sounds and letting them go.   Sometimes I found myself hanging on to an interesting sound -trying to determine what was making the sound.  When I realized I was doing that, I said to myself – let it go and pictured the sound moving across my brain and out of hearing range.  It worked for me.

After the meditation I fully realized how important this particular practice will be for me.  I am on an airplane at least once per month.  Where I routinely travel to is a family destination (Orlando), so the flights I am on always have families with children. Sometimes those children are not real happy to be on the plane.

Today’s meditation lesson reminded me that I can chose to either focus on the sounds in the plane and hang on to the crying baby, or upset toddler.  Or I can hear the sounds and let the go. I do not have to focus my attention on those sounds.  As #SharonSalzberg points out – I do not have to respond to the sounds.  The sound will fade.  Eventually the upset child will be soothed.


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May all beings be happy ♡