#RealHappiness Day 12

What a wonderful day for an eating meditation.  I have an unexpected house guest from China.  Today was cooking lesson day with a new wok.  Of course the wok had to be seasoned – so already the smells of cooking were present.  There is a kind of meditative activity that happens when seasoning a wok – the focus on what you are doing (you have to pay attention or could get burnt), the steps that go into it (wash, heat, oil, rest, heat again, oil again, rest, repeat until you have oiled it 4 times then cook aromatics in it such as garlic, ginger, onions).

Finally we are prepping the meal.  My guest was commenting on the need for colors in the meal – green leafy vegetables, red and yellow peppers, curry powder and turmeric, soy sauce, bean sprouts all adding to a colorful dish.  Paying attention to how colorful a dish was is something I’m not used to doing.  But I enjoyed it while cooking and again when doing this meditation.

Textures – rice noodles, soft leafy greens, crunchy peppers – all feel differently raw and then cooked.

I normally eat and chat about the day.  This meal was experiencing another culture, appreciating the colors, smells, texture and taste.  The explosion of flavors with seasonings I do not normally use was fabulous.  What a joy to be so fully present in the day and during this meditation.

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