#RealHappiness Day 14

Mindfulness and everyday chores helps to bring us back to the present, and not race off in our minds to other things that happened in the past or may happen in the future.  Being here and now while doing the dishes.  I enjoy this meditation each year.  It reminds me to slow down and be here.

Paying attention to the sensations – the sounds of the water as I rinse, how the water and suds feel on my hands, the texture of the cups and plates – all help ground me in now. Do thoughts run through my mind? Surely.  When I catch myself grasping onto a thought I begin again with the breath and the feel of the dish I’m washing.

When I meditate I’m used to doing a quick body scan when I start – how do my feet & ankles feel, legs & hips, arms, are my shoulders relaxed, etc.  What I don’t often do is pay attention to the other sensations – smells, temperature, touch – and this meditation brings that back into focus for me.


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