#RealHappiness Day 21

Today’s practice felt like a review, we are focused back on the breath but this time we added a focus for our attention to other areas of the body.  An expanded review – how are we feeling right now in the moment.  Then we looked at thoughts, and letting them drift away.

Today’s lesson was a good reminder, after a week focused on emotions and thoughts, to come back and get centered before moving into Loving Kindness next week.

Have you checked out the daily tips on the 28 day challenge web page?  I found today’s to be especially helpful related to our level of mindfulness.  Sharon notes ‘My mindfulness didn’t need to get better, or be as good as somebody else’s. It was already perfect. So is yours. But that truth is easily forgotten in the midst of our busy lives and complicated relationships.’

She also reminds us that ‘I realized that mindfulness wasn’t inaccessible or remote; it was always right there with me.’  I needed to hear that today.


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