#RealHappiness Day 3

Today’s meditation focused on the breath and noting, and finding a word to use.  When #SharonSalzberg first talked about where you feel the breath – I struggled.  I didn’t and don’t normally ‘feel’ the breath in my nostrils. I do notice my abdomen moving.  Where do you notice it?

Then we moved on to ‘noting’.  I normally use in/out – but that didn’t feel right today.  I moved on to calm – again – not a good fit.  I landed on Love (when I exhaled).  That felt right.  Calming.  I could feel my shoulders relax and move away from my ears.  It can be frustrating when you think what worked before should still work – but I’m trying to reframe this and think of it as adding another tool (this time another word) to my meditation skill set to use.  It’s not wrong or right that more than one word is used, it just is.

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May all beings be happy ♡