#RealHappiness Day 4

Begin again.  Great reminder throughout today’s meditation.  #SharonSalzberg walked us through a variation of the breath meditation that added counting.  Today’s meditation time for me got shifted from morning to very late evening.  I almost didn’t remember to sit, when I did I ended up with my computer in my lap, listening to the guided meditation, appreciating the reminder to #beginagain.  I felt rushed, unsettled.  When trying to breathe and count I would get to 4 or 5 and my mind would wander.  Begin again.  Focusing on where I feel the breath, I’d forget to count.  Begin again.  I only made it to 10 once, and started over.  Begin again.  I reminded myself that I committed to sit, and I did.  My intention was to sit and I did.  I was gentle with myself and the repeated need to begin again.   #meditation

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May all beings be happy ♡