#RealHappiness Day 6

Calmness and alertness.  In today’s lesson we’re trying to be balanced in response to the meditation practice.  The description of holding a breakable object helped me to understand the need for alertness while being calm.  As the meditation continued, I recognized that I was too calm  – my head had fallen to my chest, reminiscent of falling asleep.  It didn’t help that I didn’t get to meditate until later in the evening.  Listening to the soothing voice of Sharon Salzberg, focusing on my breath (still using the counting on the exhale), I did not have enough alertness in my practice today.

However, as we’ve seen on the other 5 days, treating yourself with kindness, recognizing that it is just one breath and you can begin again helps to reset the practice and move forward. That’s progress for me.  There were no judgemental thoughts, instead my inner voice was calm & gentle, saying “It’s okay.  It’s just one breath.  You can begin again.”

I’m continuing to work towards balance.  Today’s practice brought the need for balance into focus with a different lens.

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