#RealHappiness Day 7

Wow – it’s the end of Week 1!  Did it fly by for you?  It did for me.  Reflecting on this week of concentration exercises, I find myself feeling most comfortable with the counting meditation and the image of thoughts being like clouds – let them float away.  What did you find most comforting or useful this week?

I struggled with the visualization/self talk of ‘not the breath’.  I found I had an immediate response of “Not the momma” when I would here “not the breath” (early 1990’s TV show The Dinosaurs), so that distraction wasn’t helpful to me.

However, I did find the magic moment when I recognized I drifted to pop culture and came back to the breath.  Throughout this first week coming back to the breath has been a great refresher.  It’s helped me to remember that just that type of concentration (in/out of the breath) is enough.

Sharon’s reminders to be gentle & kind with yourself help to remind me that it’s okay – just begin again.

I’m looking forward to week two!  I hope you’re continuing on the journey for the 28-day challenge.

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