#RealHappiness Day 8

Today is the first walking meditation.  The first time I attempted a walking meditation, I thought I was going to lose my balance, the group was walking very slowly. What I like about this type of meditation is that it is portable.  You can do a walking meditation most anywhere, even walking up and down the hall in your home.  I find it interesting to focus on how my feet feel when they touch the floor, how it feels when you lift one foot then place it down.

I recognized that I walk a great deal without thinking about it.  I had no idea all these sensations went along with walking.  You may think a walking meditation is difficult to accomplish.  What helped me was to think about the breath.  It’s only one breath, and if my mind drifts, I can begin again.  In a walking meditation, the focus is on the step.  We’re still concentrating – just like in week 1.

I now use walking meditations at least once a week.  I’ve done it when walking my dog, walking through the grocery store, and walking on the treadmill.  What did you think of this practice?

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May all beings be happy ♡