#RealHappiness Day 9

I try not to read ahead and see what the next day’s topic is going to be.  When today’s meditation started and Sharon had us focus on our hands, I had to smile – I have RA and my hands have been giving me fits this weekend.  When Sharon mentioned that the direct experience we have is not that of fingers – but different sensations such as throbbing, I was reminded how useful meditation can be. I had forgotten that I could use meditation to help with a mindful approach to pain.

Initially the idea of being with a painful moment sounds like something I want to run from.  Who wants to be with a painful moment?  In the daily tip section for today Sharon points out that “It (meditation) trains us to be with a painful experience in the moment, without adding imagined distress and difficulty”.

The phrase ‘imagined distress’ is one that grabs me – how many times have I avoided doing something I thought it would be painful?  Have you ever done that?  You know – avoided an experience because it may not be as pleasant for you? I have learned (and today reminded me) that if I am with the pain, sitting with it and examining it but not adding to it, I can handle it.

Just another way meditation helps you get through life.

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