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Welcome All,

The 28-Day Meditation Challenge begins officially on February 1. You are all welcome to begin posting and commenting before then of course. This year we changing the structure up a bit since Sharon has a new book out: Real Happiness At Work, and we wanted to include some of the wonderful teachings there as well.

Here is the basic structure:

Week 1: Concentration
Week 2: Mindfulness
Week 3: Lovingkindness & Compassion
Week 4: Bringing the Practice to Our Lives

This structure is loose and if you prefer to follow the structure in Sharon’s book, Real Happiness, that is fine (or mix and match from the two books and your own practice). As always nothing here is strict or rigid, this month is for you all to deepen your practice and get some support. If you are focusing on one practice for the month (lovingkindness for instance), that is also fine.

Sharon recommends sitting daily for at least 20 minutes of formal practice, however if that is not realistic for you, even 5 minutes daily has benefits. And you can do many shorter meditations throughout the day. There are quite a few meditations like that in Real Happiness At Work. There are also 3 new audio meditations available on this site to stream or download free. They are each about 3 minutes long.

I look forward to practicing with you all again this month.

May you all be happy,


May all beings be happy ♡