Meditations that Work for My Lifestyle

I’ve found that each day I have trouble fitting in quiet time by myself. I wake up early and am out the door and at work so quickly! One of the things that has really resonated with me are the quick, simple meditations that Sharon outlines in her book.

Here are two that I’ve been practicing daily, basically switching off with what works for my schedule. These have made it possible for me to do what I once thought was impossible: daily meditation with my hectic schedule.

Tea Meditation:
At work, we have an excellent selection of teas in our kitchen. When things get a bit crazy mid-afternoon, I take a break and really spend the time preparing myself a cup of tea. I stand by the window and drink it and try not to think of anything but the present. It can be hard to motivate myself to do this when I’m in the midst of a hectic workday, but it always pays off. I feel my heartbeat slow down and I feel like I can harness my concentration again.

Walking Meditation:
As mentioned before, I recently rescued my first dog. Having grown up with cats, I never realized how much work dog ownership was. It’s a big responsibility, especially in a city where I can’t let my dog run off-leash or play in the backyard. Every time I take him out, it’s just me and him, taking it easy. Sometimes I used to rush our walks, but I now use them as walking meditations. I clear my mind and focus only on the present. It makes the walks far more enjoyable.

And, finally, as requested, here’s a picture of my little puppy, Bruce Wayne. He’s the best.