Truly Awesome Feet


I love these feet!! I did a walking meditation today, back and forth 10 paces in bare feet. I went super slowly at firrrrrst….so I had time to say "lifting… moving…placing…". Here is what I discovered: my feet work so beautifully together! They are like a brilliant machine, a beautiful partnership, an old married couple that finish each others sentences and do a beautiful ballroom dance effortlessly.
One thing I love about meditation is how the tiniest simplest things can blow your mind; what appears so tiny it barely registers, becomes HUGELY amazing and fascinating. Take the cooperation between my left foot and right. While one lifts and moves slowly though the air, the other is sturdily planted on the ground to keep its partner up. When one almost touches the floor, the other is on its ball, ready for action. How supportive! While my head is tugging me about with the endless stream of thoughts, and various points of attention, the feet are getting their stuff done, simply.
I looked down at them in awe feeling like a crazy person, or a toddler first learning to walk. I was fascinated, "When did you guys get so good at this system?" "Look at that- if I hold the right up, the left just rocks around balancing for as long as the right foot needs." At times I felt like I was watching Tai Chi.
When it ended I was so happy. Who knew I could fall in love with my feet? All these years, with all the drama and confusion in life, and inner criticisms in my head… these two feet have been doing a brilliant thing together, in sync, no questions asked. What a lesson my feet taught me today. I have one more thing for which to be grateful.