The Relaxing Heart


As you all know, I’m writing my book with a very tight deadline. I didn’t fully understand the reality of this timeline when I said “ok” to my publisher. So I’m writing every second I possibly can and I’m feeling anxious, and guilty whenever I’m not working on the book. 
So … I sat down to meditate, felt my breath, and then felt into all the feelings around this issue. I feel anxious and scared. I saw I old beliefs at play, “It’s going to be a disaster if I don’t do it right. They’ll be mad at me.” So I then feel more deeply into the pressure. 
As I’m moving into my feelings, I feel this sudden demand inside of me to jump up and get to the writing. I breathe through that and continue to sit. I feel tightness in my chest area, and as I’m just being with this sensation and breathing into it. After a few minutes of just sticking with it, I start to relax and the tight sensation begins to fade a bit. Wow … I start to feel a sense of peace and some possibility around the issue. I feel spaciousness around all of this and that somehow, not sure of the specifics, it’s all going to turn out OK. I can’t see the answers from here, but I can feel that “it” will work out in some way. And that ended my session.