Getting to Know Happiness

One of the definitions for the word “meditation” is derived from the Tibetan word “gom,” which means to become familiar with or to get used to something.

In the English language we have one word for meditation and as such we are always getting familiar with what’s on our mind.  Brain scientists say over 95% of our thoughts are recycled. Same ole same ole.


The truth is we’re always meditating. We’re always getting used to something. The critical question is what is it that we’re getting used to? What is it that we’re getting even more familiar with? And whatever that is, is it helpful – is it useful -to us and those around us? I like being happy. And I like being around happy people. There’s something about that “happy” energy that nourishes my soul.


It’s February, and thank goodness Sharon has proclaimed this as our month to become familiar with happiness. What a relief that the assignment isn’t to become familiar with sadness. Don’t we all know that one well enough!


I live in Chicago and the winters here can be brutal. I wake up thanking the Universe that so far it seems as though we’ve gotten a pass on winter. Today, for instance, it was 50 degrees outside. Last year this time we were toughing it out through a blizzard with 50-70 mile an hour winds and tons of snow.


Just like the weather outside changes, the internal weather of our mind changes. And just as the outside weather always inclines toward the sun – no matter how intense the storm – our internal weather can incline toward happiness likewise – if only we would practice that. It’s a matter of staying awake to the fact that we have a choice, that life is precious, short, and certain to change.  This propensity to choose, to lean into happiness, strengthens every time we practice.


So, on this first day of the 28 Day Challenge of 2012 I am happy to be happy!

May you be happy too!

May all beings be happy ♡