Live to Work//Work to Live


Meditation trains our awareness in present moment attention by strengthening our systematic structures to nurture the courage to connect with others.

"Maybe problems at work arise not as interruptions or intrusions but as invitations to gain real wisdom."—Michael Carroll.

The Interdependence of past & present involves momentums of memory & breathing experience to rearrange awareness of feeling through a sequence of being. 
As I continue to polish some of my writing drafts to share out in the open, it becomes inevitable to travel down memory lane. In undergoing an intense emotional shift recently that’s left me to embrace a type of solitude I once feared, I’ve been in honoring a process of mindful reconstruction by choosing to recover with a sense of discipline towards reaching peace in the present.

Recovering from the rewirings of a Traumatic Brain  Injury, while writing is a bizarre piece of work. 
Especially when it comes to unraveling a bunch of layers in the psyche, while choosing to do work-study publicity/outreach for Buddhist & Anti-violence nonprofit organizations… & practicing actual meditation while art modeling.

Earlier today, I realized while working on one of my books that

Gentleness is not a crime & staying humble with achievements—unfinished or finished—qualifies us for a challenging a sense of fulfillment.However, Despite the drive there is a collective shift happening,where everyone is sheered with a productivity that is lit by a “busy” drifting, which creates a feeling of being worthy based on how much you’re working & how much you’re living.

In Real Happiness At Work, Sharon Salzberg states how challenging it is to distinguish clarity & confusion in keeping our core sense of character with the ones performed at work. She suggests a stance of being competitive without cruelty & committed without being consumed.

As I continue to work on recovering, 
I’ve been trying to honor a process of mindful reconstruction by aligning my recovery with a sense of discipline towards reaching peace in the present.
I perceive functioning in ANY practice (meditating, modeling, writing, training, public speaking) as a part of working. It’s recently occurred to me how important it is to step back from operating on sheer exhaustion or extremes in order to function cohesively, meditate peacefully, Tame stressors & interact intelligently with a sense of congruency.  While feeling humble & honored that I could make it this far in 3 1/2 years, I got this nag fear that apathy can lead to atrophy, & I find myself having to  relearn how to relax by embracing structure while being mindful of simplicity over complexity.

Meditation is stillness—allowing, breathing, & accepting— by training to be with present presence instead of restlessly resting it.   You can apply different methods of concentration  that can transform claustrophobic confusion into compassionate clarity. 
Or in struggling unexpectedly, we can notice when we’re static  & utilize mindfulness as a platform to transform by ourselves by Focusing without clinging or condemning, opening towards connecting,& cultivating an awesome flourishing.