What I have read so far

   I started meditating when I was a young teenager. I have been doing martial arts since I was 7 years old. I guess I started meditating because I wanted to be like the Shaolin monks, conscious, alert, and peaceful =) 

   I have read a ton of books on meditation and other yogic techniques. I love how Sharon makes something so new agey to some people, very attainable to all. I really appreciate the fact that Sharon added a little section on facts and research on the benefits of meditation. I think that is needed for most westerners. Most westerners need proof of the benefits of something before they put time and effort into doing it. 

   Everything written is straight forward, easy to apply and most importantly down-to-earth. All the techniques are easy to use. Sharon's book should have been named "Meditate NOW".  After reading just the chapter on the breathing meditation you can actually meditate, right NOW.  It's that simple. The meditation part isn't so simple, but the techniques that Sharon lays out for you, are.

   Another great thing about this book, is that Sharon right away teaches you to have compassion for yourself while trying to meditate. She shows you right away that it's ok and perfectly fine to Start over again and again and again. I love that. There is no need to beat yourself up while trying to do something that is meant to help you. This is what Real Happiness is about. Going with the flow without judging yourself and allowing yourself to experience the experience. This is the way we achieve self inquiry. Meditation is the true path to the "Self".