“Am I Blue?”



A wannabe blues and standards singer, (too white and uptight), I've had Billie and Ella tunes in my inner ipod for as long I remember, with no memory of having learned them.

   This year began for me at the solstice when I slipped into a dark night, or was pushed there, by a cluster of circumstances, none tragic, but all resonating to the secret "you're powerless" cell in the back of my brain.  

    I began the commitment early, meditating for twenty minutes each day, as the most productive thing I've been capable of for weeks.  Listening within and then finding words for what I hear is my first practice, but words have failed me–or I them— 

  On the third day, I did find these words—or they found me

         Awareness of god glimmer sitting meditation in the front room in

the after-grandsons-have-gone-to-school quiet, 7:15 a.m

On the fifth:

         If I am not less depressed I am at least more capable of seeing the depression as opposed to being it.

I am grateful for the structure of this Real Happiness challenge, and for the community gathered to participate.





May all beings be happy ♡