The Holy Both/And



February 1, 2012

Thoughts (a few of the many) from this morning’s meditation:  make time for blogging, recommendation for Stephanie, wondering if Tom and I are enabling Atiqu not to learn survival skills he’ll need in this culture; enabling yuck, get me OUT of that story, hungry should I swim today Katie’s book happy to be back at work on it poetry class planning Sound and Sense out of print wanted to use an exercise from that book, Christine’s novel so much life in both books emerging OH, tired of being tired my brain is jumpier today first day of the challenge like nervous good girl brain on spelling bee day must do things well, right.


Sharon’s teaching that each falling-away from focus is to be embraced as it offers a chance to begin anew, was today– and has been– critical to my life with meditation. Sharon, I can hear your soft, compassionate voice saying those words even when I’m not listening to the guided meditation.  Thank you.

I remember a friend telling me how frequently she had great ideas and insights, things she wanted to ponder further during meditation.  She talked about her anxiety about forgetting these pearls arising from sweet darkness below— wishing she could take notes during her meditation.  As a writer, I too want to hold on to what isn’t dross, what feels precious.  I want to say, so as to save it,

What I believe from experience is that meditation practice supplies the neglected-in-out-culture opposite in each of these pairs, parts which must be united to foster creativity (relational, verbal, visual, spiritual, etc.)

Ground and figure

Silence and speech,

Yin and yang,

Blank page and word,

Wisdom and knowledge,

Reflection and action.

We in the western world have “gotten where we are” for better and for increasingly worse by living almost exclusively out of this half:







Meditation is for me (an over-achieving, extroverted, anxious-to-please, well-educated in western, aka patriarchal values, baby boomer) growing my other half, toward wholeness, happiness.








May all beings be happy ♡