Inner life


#5  February 16, 2012

After sitting today, I added time to meditate in child position, breathing in and out of my lower back. It was an instinct to move from the cushion to my yoga mat, and I felt some of the rage chunks dissolving after my days of metta.


I am very grateful to be surrounded teachers and companions who value the interior in a world gone mad with addiction to the exterior.


One of my teachers and friends was a Jesuit priest, an activist with a Ph.d in Pastoral Counseling. He shared this definition of addiction with me, “ anything which blocks interiority.”  I love that. My slippery slope toward addiction has never been substances, but to the regard of others, to working too much, doing too much. 


Grateful, grateful for always having a strong inside voice…..calling me to listen.


May all beings be happy ♡