Meditating and “Cooking”


     Today is the first day of my 28-day meditation challenge and as usual, I have too many things to do on my schedule.  I have my every-other-weekly appointment with my therapist, then off to work for a bit, my acupuncture appointment at noon, back to work to do some more research on “The Good Life”, and then trying to squeeze in a late afternoon movie with my hubby!   He works weekends with only Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, so I’m trying to make some alone time with him at a matinee…hey, even after 22 years of marriage, you still have to work at it!

     I’m trying to find ways to carve out more time for me, trying to learn how to slow down, live in a more mindful way, and participating in this meditation challenge is important to me, to my health.   So, I’ve decided to do my meditation during my acupuncture appointment, during that quiet time after the needles are all in place and I’m left alone quietly to “cook.”   I try to concentrate on my breath but find my mind keeps wandering off to all the things I’m doing.  It’s a struggle to keep coming back to my breath.  I think about the studies that show that, like exercising, the real benefit with meditation comes with repeated practice.  So, I cut myself some slack, tell myself that this is just the start of something good, and start thinking about the air going into and coming out of my lungs.  I think about the oxygen traveling through my veins, going from the tips of my toes all the way up to my brain.  This thinking about something concrete helps me to quiet my other thoughts….temporarily at least….until the door opens and I’m told my “cooking” time is done!  All I can picture is the timer popping on a Butterball Turkey!! 


May all beings be happy ♡