I enjoyed my sunrise meditation this morning by listening to a few beautiful songs that I just love. (Whose to say meditation has to be silent or serious?) Just hearing these lovely voices immediately opened my heart and lifted my spirits. The clear blue sky (a rarity in Chicago’s winter) allowed the sun’s rays to reflect off the snow, adding to my enjoyment.

        There is a certain pleasure that comes from concentration.

Today I am reminded how pleasurable eating can be, when one is mindful and choosey and slows down to enjoy it. We hosted a “healthy packed lunches” event at our local library today, where the scientist/mom of three reminded us that the goal of eating was nourishment and enjoyment. How delightful to be in a room full of parents so thoughtfully contemplating how they feed their families. Our local Juice Joint makes stellar drinks that uplift. After the meeting, I picked up my favorite concoction (chockfull of celery, kale and cilantro) and sat outside, soaking up the sun’s rays, while sipping my liquid sun! Next, I listened to a Tapping Summit talk on mindful eating. Juxtaposed to a culture so used to immediate gratification, it is so much more pleasing to smell and chew and swallow – and breathe – mindfully.

Today my meditation practice spilled over into my life, and that’s a beautiful thing. The theme of the day has emerged – pleasurable nourishment. My meditation and mindfulness practices are tasty. Yum!  Now, I wonder what I’ll make for dinner…

May all beings be happy ♡