#RealHappinessChallenge – Day 11 – And We’re Walking Again

Today’s lesson was another walking meditation.  This one with a slightly different focus – ‘quiet eyes’.  When I first heard @SharonSalzberg mention ‘quiet eyes’ I couldn’t quite picture what that looked like.  Then as I read the transcript of the meditation lesson afterwards, it clicked as @SharonSalzberg reminds us that our gaze changes when we get tied up with cravings, wanting things, etc.  It’s like we think what we have is never enough.  When our focus is distracted by negative thoughts such as criticisms of others, coveting something someone else has, etc. then we have a hardened gaze.   That I understood and could visualize.  Sometimes I have to have a clear view of something to be able to understand the opposite – do you know what I mean?

I once knew someone who liked to get together with friends once a month or so and go to a coffee shop.  While there, she didn’t want to catch up, she wanted to critique/criticize everyone she saw.  She talked about what people were wearing, who they were with, etc.  It was almost like a sport to her.  I asked her once why she does this – and she said it helped her remember how good her life was by pointing out how bad others had it. Have you ever met anyone like that?   I was floored.  I realized that it wasn’t healthy for me to be around her.  I couldn’t be true to me while sitting and listening to her talk so negatively about others.  I could see her eyes harden right before she’d start in on a critique of someone – and this is what I pictured when listening to and reading @SharonSalzberg’s lesson today.

The other half of the lesson for me was how to lighten up – by having a light awareness and ‘quiet eyes’.  Just observing.  Staying in the moment, feeling the movements, and remembering it’s just one breath.


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May all beings be happy ♡