#RealHappinessChallenge Day 13 – Slowing Down

I learned a lot from today’s meditation – first lesson was that if I’m going to use coffee, my first cup of the morning is not the best option given that I rush it.  I’m on autopilot first thing in the morning.  My coffee is set up the night before – and wouldn’t that be a good thing to do as a mindfulness exercise?  I plan to try that tonight!

Anyway back to the coffee in the morning.  I stagger out of bed, turn on the coffee maker, take care of my morning bathroom activities, and come back to the coffee maker hoping it’s ready.  Once it is I pour that first cup, walk to the table, sit down, take a deep breath and my first sip.  I noticed I close my eyes before my first sip.  That could be because it was an earlier than normal wake -up for me, but I think I do that every morning as I’m not a morning person.  I attempted to slow down my coffee drinking on the next sip.  To really pay attention to the coffee cup, the feel of it in my hand, the smell of the coffee, etc.  I noticed that I was on autopilot for a couple of the sips before I caught myself and came back to focusing on the movements & actions.

I think I am going to use this technique when I was dishes tonight to see how that goes.  What are you going to practice this technique on?

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May all beings be happy ♡