#RealHappinessChallenge Day 16 Including the Positive

What a lovely meditation – focusing on the positive.  I think I smiled so much through the meditation that my cheeks hurt!  What a gift from #sharonsalzberg to bring us back to memories of positive experiences in an effort to teach us resiliency when dealing with difficult times.  I found numerous things to focus on: a really good cup of coffee, my youngest grandson’s laugh, spending time people watching with my wife, and on and on.  I finally settled on spending time with my wife doing everyday things.  We laugh a lot, and she has an incredible smile that lights up the room.  My body reactions to this recollection included a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and joy.

I am grateful for today’s lesson as it has taught me that I can bring up positive memories that have direct ties to bodily sensations that are also positive.  I realize that not all bodily sensations may remain positive – I have at times felt I have been lucky and if I think about my good fortune too much something bad will happen – however this story building can be stopped by concentrating on the breath, being in the moment, and letting go of the thoughts.

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May all beings be happy ♡