#RealHappinessChallenge Day 19 – interest and investigation

Today’s practice focused on taking an interest and investigating challenges that arise in meditation.  Perhaps my mind wasn’t ready for the challenges or, more likely, wanted to actively demonstrate some challenges.  I had all sorts of thoughts wander through my  mind while I was attempting to focus, listen, and learn.  Instead when #SharonSalzberg talked about sleepiness, I started yawning.  Then I noticed I was cold, and kept yawning.

I usually meditate with my eyes closed, I found I had to open them today as I was yawning so much.  I tried to focus on the breath. #SharonSalzberg mentioned “Point your attention right to the beginning of the in breath and the end of it. The beginning of the out breath and the end of it” -which I tried to do.  I managed it for the in breath, but by the time of the out breath I was yawning again.  I identified my tiredness but am happy to say that I didn’t ‘add on’ to the identification, there was no further labeling of that status.  No blaming.

I like the idea that we need to look and investigate ourselves while we meditate and sometimes that won’t be pleasant.  I’m hopeful that next time I try this I won’t yawn as much.

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May all beings be happy ♡