#RealHappinessChallenge Day 24 LovingKindness

“You can imagine yourself sitting in the center of a circle, the circle being made up of the most loving beings you’ve met” says @SharonSalzberg in this lesson.  Picturing yourself in the center of a circle of people who are sending you loving kindness energy – it was a bit daunting to try to picture who would be in that circle.  That surprised me. Then @SharonSalzberg goes on with “Or perhaps you’ve never met them, but you’ve been inspired by them. Maybe they exist now, or they’ve existed historically or even mythically” and that’s when I realized I don’t have to picture who is there, I just need to know someone is and I’m in the center of this circle of love.  “You can experience yourself as the recipient of the energy of the attention, of the care, of the regard of all of these beings.”  What a wonderful and scary thought – being the recipient of so much lovingkindness.  Do you have a hard time accepting lovingkindness from others?  At times I do. At times I don’t feel deserving or worthy.  This lesson brought up some things for me to consider – (1) How is it my place to tell someone else whether they can offer me lovingkindness or not?  (2) How would I feel if someone asked me not to send such thoughts/energies towards them?

I will work on being more accepting of being lovable.  May I be healthy.  May I be peaceful. May I be filled with lovingkindness. May you be healthy, May you be peaceful, May you be filled with lovingkindness.

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