#RealHappinessChallenge Day 25 LovingKindness towards others

Today’s lesson focuses on the concepts of lovingkindness, and having that energy focused on others.  What I found interesting and helpful was the notion that 2 of the most important things to remember is the ‘power of intention’ and that we should ‘acknowledge the connection’ we have with others.  Acknowledging the connection does not imply friendship.  It implies that we are all part of this greater society and everyone deserves lovingkindness (this harkens back to an earlier lesson in this challenge).  @SharonSalzberg also mentioned the ‘power of intention’ and noted it is the practice of lovingkindness.  I hadn’t considered that before.  I had viewed intentions as goals, something I set for me.  I view lovingkindness as directed internally and externally.  However, if I have lovingkindness as an intention, that ‘goal’ implies I will be focused on others as well.

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