#RealHappinessChallenge – Day 6 – finding the balance

Does anyone else notice that when they are focusing on their breath, they are breathing in a more deliberate manner/not your natural state?  I really noticed that today.  My breathing when meditating is slower, fuller, and deeper than my normal breath.  When I noticed this, I attempted to breathe normally – whatever that means – and ended up breathing slowly and deliberately anyway.

I had some distracting thoughts, one of which was that I was Goldilocks and I was visiting the 3 bears – not being too tense, or too relaxed – but finding the ‘just right’ spot with my posture, my energy (too forward, too far back, etc).  I think my mental association with Goldilocks will help me to remember this lesson of not holding on to the breath too tightly, having my posture in between/relaxed, etc.


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May all beings be happy ♡