#RealHappinessChallenge Day 7

I know the meditation today from @SharonSalzberg is listed as Day 8 -and maybe I’ve miscounted, but I thought it was 7.  So day 7/day 8 – doesn’t really matter – what matter’s is today was walking meditation.  I remember when I experienced a walking meditation for the first time.  We were seated in a circle, everyone stood up and turned to the right and started walking in a circle.  I kept losing my balance.  We were walking so slowly.  It was interesting to focus the attention on the movements.  When you are walking slowly you feel the various muscles in your foot as you are lifting & placing.

As I mentioned, the first time I did a walking meditation I felt very clumsy and off balance.  It was a while before I did one again because I felt so uncomfortable the first time.  I’ve found that if I can set the pace of my walking meditation, I can maintain my balance (even when I slow down), and I can fully experience feeling grounded/connected.  I appreciated the opportunity to do a walking meditation in this practice.  It reminds me that I can do this as I walk to the bus stop in the morning, as I’m walking to the elevator, etc.  This meditation practice is portable.

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May all beings be happy ♡