Realization of practicing Loving Kindness After All of these years…..

The practice of loving kindness should start in your heart. Through the years of meditation, my practice has brought me to one practice in particular. Suffering is the center of what makes me fearful. How often do I think of fear? How often do I give myself credit for being a loving being? While sitting here I find that place the center, the place where my heart resides. The small piece my heart is an energy that is connected to all sentient beings. Somehow in this life, I forget sometimes that I am a ball of energy. I think one of the hardest things that I have come across in my practice is actually giving myself kindness authentically. Suffering through physical pain and through mental illnesses; I have not given myself enough room to say it’s okay you can love yourself and still have bad moments. Once I realized when I just sit and I breathe and I live in my body… I let go of my thoughts… then I can feel. Letting go of this idea that there is this perfection that I have to chase is the one thing that I have a hard time letting go of.So I began by sending love, peace and the idea in my head, this visualization of people being happy and at peace with not only themselves but with each other. What is so moving in this practice, is when you give yourself loving-kindness, you find this beautiful place, the center where all things that consist of love reside. It’s this beautiful storm, it circles and surrounds you it’s so powerful, the perpetual motion of love being spun out of myself unto others and others on to me.

May all beings be happy ♡