Redefine Meaningful

Escape from the usual and ordinary. That is one reason why I create a bucket list. No matter how many times I am presented with a daily chore, I immediately feel irritated and resist. I would rather be doing something more exciting. When I think about it, this is strange because I derive an incredible amount of contentment and ease from completing such a monotonous and menial task.

I love sparkling faucets, fresh vacuum lines in a carpet, empty laundry baskets and a crisply made bed. To confess, I enjoy the clarity that arises in my mind while I am actually in the process of ‘putting my house back together again.’ So why do I automatically consider these types of activities to be time-wasters, relegated to the bottom ranks of ‘things I find pleasurable?’

A few possible answers come to mind. Some are based on conditioning and habits, while others are thoughts rooted in scientific theories and entropy and are too scattered in my mind to articulate for now. But what I do know is that today’s ‘washing dishes meditation’ will encourage me focus on simplicity.

Next time when I am confronted with a sudsy sink full of dirty dishes, I may try to capture a little delight of childhood—the sweet joy of catching a bubble. Who am I kidding, I will try to simply just be—fully present in a meaningful moment.



May all beings be happy ♡